The camera supports both camhi and camhipro app

Instructions for use

How to add CamHi camera to Ispy

1, RTSP to add 1、main stream:rtsp://ip address/112、vice stream:rtsp://ip address/12Find “FFMPEG (H264)” this column, fill in information of RTSP in the URL.After adding can test is

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Other functions

Camera list display mode Click the camera list interface icon  to select the camera list in large or small image mode. Sidebar settings Click the

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Video/Image search and view

Local recording playback and download Find the camera to be viewed in the camera list interface, click the icon, select the recording page, the recording

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Function settings

When the camera is online, click the camera list interface or the live interface icon to enter the camera parameter setting interface. Basic settings Wifi

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View the camera

After adding the camera for a few seconds, wait for the camera to connect to the camera automatically, prompt the online description to view the

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Add camera

Install the APP, connect the mobile phone to the WIFI network, enter the APP and click the Add Device button to enter the Add Device

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Time zone Settings and mobile phone time Synchronization

video playback in the SD Card

take photo for real-time video

view the real-time video

ptz control