The camera supports both camhi and camhipro app

Instructions for use

CamHi Instructions for use

The following tutorials are only available for the CamHi app. How to add the camera Warm Tip: This product only supports 2.4 GHZ WIFI. Before

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Other settings

【Connect timeout】Connection timeout 5‐60 seconds can be set 【Log retention time】It  has  a  month,  two  months,  three  months,  six  months four options, the CMS logs

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Log type: 【All logs】 Record all information of system 【System log】 Record the user login, exit, and user configuration, etc 【Operation log】 Record all operation

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User management

The factory default    administrator user of the device is admin, password is empty.  After  log  in  by  administrator,  he  can  add  user,  delete  user  and 

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Local playback

playback by time searching when recording playback finished, click it continue to play. stop playing button, when play recording, click it to stop playing. Frame

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Record management

plan of record In the tab bar to choose “setting”– “record management”—“Enable the plan of record”, as shown in above: SUN – SAT means one

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A powerful real-time monitoring security app, so that you care about, become safe, real-time control. You can use it in your home, shop, office, etc., whatever you want to care about, let us be your time Keeper!

Time zone Settings and mobile phone time Synchronization

video playback in the SD Card

take photo for real-time video

view the real-time video

ptz control