Add camera

Install the APP, connect the mobile phone to the WIFI network, enter the APP and click the Add Device button to enter the Add Device interface. If it is the first time to use or restore the factory settings: the camera is not connected to the network, clicking the new device; the camera that has connected to the network, clicking on the device in use

New device add

After clicking the “New Device” button, power on the device, wait for about 30 seconds, confirm that the device is working, click next.

Connected to Network cable

If the device is connected to the network cable, click the “Connected Network Cable” button, the APP will search for the UID of the device in the current LAN automatically. Selecting the UID to be added and click the Add button, the device will search for the nearby WIFI signal automatically to enter the wireless configuration interface. Enter WIFI password, click “Configure wifi and add”, after WIFI configuration successfully, jump to the device list interface; if you do not want to configure WIFI temporarily, click the “Do not configure, directly add” button, adding camera fter confirmation.

Un-connected to Network cable

If the device is not connected to the network cable, click the “Un-Connected to Network Cable” button to enter the interface for selecting the network type.

Sound wave configuration network support equipment: PTZ Camera, Card type camera, Bulb camera, Small flying saucer camera, etc.

AP configuration network support equipment: Box camera, PTZ Camera, Speed dome camera, Big flying saucer camera, etc.

Sound wave configuration network

When the power is turned on, the device will enter the waiting state, and the device will send out a “beep” sound intermittently. Click Next to scan the QR code of the device UID number with the mobile phone. If there is no QR code, click Skip. Enter the password of the WIFI signal to be configured, click to start the sound wave configuration, the system will configuration WIFI automatically. After WIFI configuration successfully, there is a voice prompt

AP configuration network

When the network cable is not connected, turn on the power, click to add, the APP will search for hotspot signals of nearby cameras automatically. The hotspot format is IPCAM-XXXXXX, the password defaults to 01234567. Selecting the hotspot of the camera to be added, clicks connect. After connecting successfully, enter the device add interface, click Add, enter the wireless configuration interface, enter the router’s WIFI password, click “Configure wifi and add”, after WIFI configuration  successfully, jump to the device list interface; if you do not want to configure WIFI, click the button ” Don’t configure, add directly”, add camera after confirmation.

Note: AP configuration network needs to open the phone’s GPS function first.

Add device in use

Scan QR code

Generate a QR code by using the online QR code generation tool, and then scan the QR code through the mobile APP to scan and add.

Search for nearby devices

1、Click the button “Search for nearby devices” to search for the ip camera in the wireless network where the phone is located, and select the corresponding UID.

2、Enter the camera password (the camera default password is admin)

3、Click the button “Add” to add a camera.

Delete camera

In the device list interface, long press the camera to be deleted or click the button “setting” to enter the camera setting interface, click the button “delete device” to delete the added camera.


  • Hello,
    I use the windows program (HiP2P Client_Setup_H265_v6.4.9.0.exe) and I cannot connect the camera.
    It’s a wifi camera. I can manage and see it on the android apply but on PC it’s impossible.
    I cannot reach it through the IP adress.

      • Where do you add the UID on the desktop version? A tutorial on this would be very helpful.

        • Computer software In the settings screen > right side, there is ‘Input UID’, you can input UID here

  • Hi,
    Since the latest update 3.0.97 for iPhone, when adding IPcam the USERNAME input is missing only the password can be enter.

    Please correct the bug. Regards,

    Regards, michel

  • Hello,
    I use CamHiPro on Iphone and camhi and camhi pro computer software – hip2p on PC.
    How to install the camera if it is not nearby?

    • If you have networked the camera. You can add the camera by entering the camera’s UID and password

      No network, you need to be near the camera to add

  • Hello,
    Actually i am using the windows program (HiP2P Client_Setup_H265_v6.4.9.7) and I cannot connect the camera, i got a error message: “error password!”
    I add the camera by entering its UID and I can reach it through the IP adress.

    It’s a wifi camera model: Q52-1080P-WH-WIFI-5X. I can manage and see it on the android apply but on PC it’s impossible, always i have tha same error message and i have 2 cameras with same error message,
    I did the factory reset several times and used the admin password but always a ihave “error password” in windows application.

    Pls help me

  • My cam got stole out of my storage unit. Is there anyway to find out where it is. I have the model number and PPPP-541370-FABBA number. If anyone can help please let me know.

  • Hello, if I reset my camera to factory default settings, will the camera be automatically disconnected from the app? Do I need to add and connect the camera in the app again?

  • I bought the camhipro and it was only connected to my android device. Well I had to get a new one and cannot recall the username

    What do I do


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