Camhi and camhi pro Camera

The camera supports both camhi and camhipro app

PTZ Camera

CamHi 5MP 4G SIM Card ptz wifi Camera

CamHi 5MP 4G SIM Card zoom wifi Camera

CamHi 2MP CCTV Security Outdoor

CamHi Security Action Camera

Waterproof Camera

CamHi 5MP 4G SIM Card outdoor wifi Camera

CamHi 5MP IP Camera Outdoor WiFi Camera HD Wireless Surveillance 

CamHi H.265 HD 4MP Wifi IP Camera

CamHi 4G SIM 5MP Security Camera

Dome Camera

CamHi 4MP IP Wifi Camera Wi-Fi 2MP 1080P 

CamHi WiFi Camera HD 1080P 

DIY Camera

CamHi wifi camera Module

CamHi 720P 960P 1080P 2MP 3MP 5MP IP Module

camhi caHD Day and Night Visionmera
HD Day and Night Vision

The CamhI security camera is equipped with IR led lights, the night vision reaches up to 67ft or further, all in your eyes!

Customized Motion Detection
Customized Motion Detection

To ensure accurate motion recording and alerts, simply adjust the detection area and sensitivity for the security camera on phone app or PC as desired.

motion detection schedule can also be configured to only trigger at specific times a day.

Multi-user Viewing
Multi-user Viewing

This security camera supports simultaneous online viewing on 5 devices, you to add it on your or your family’s phone, iPad, PC, laptop, etc.

Just use the camera UID and password to add the camera on more devices when the security camera is online, easy and convenient!

Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing

Can I access to the WiFi camera when I use a different WiFi or mobile data network?

Of course, you can. As soon as the outdoor camera is access to internet and you add it on CamHi app, you can view the IP camera on your phone anywhere anytime.

Please download P2P software to view the camera remotely on PC when you’re away from home. Just make sure your phone and PC are access to internet as well.

Cable & WiFi Connection
Cable & WiFi Connection

This outdoor camera allows you to connect the camera via LAN cable search or AP mode without LAN cable. The security camera is usable even no available Ethernet port or cable, for more detailed instruction, please see SV3C website or ask questions on the product page, we will help you.

Encrypted Video
Encrypted Video

All recorded videos are in H.264 format, please download special player to play and convert these videos. You can play these videos on CamHi app and our PC Client directly. If you need to download and convert these videos to your PC, please download HiPlayer and converter from CAMHI.PRO website. CamHi app supports you to download and convert videos directly on CamHi app.

Multi Software Compatible
Multi Software Compatible

This 1080P WiFi security camera supports Onivf, you can also add the surveillance camera on some NVRs that supports Onvif as well. The CCTV camera supports you to view on your PC through Blue Iris, iSpy and HiP2P PC Client; View the camera through CamHi/CamHipro app on your phone.