CAMHI IP Camera Port mapping setting method

  1. Please setup the IP address to be Static IP address.
CAMHI IP Camera Port mapping setting method

2.Please modify HTTP port number.

The device HTTP port mapping to the external network router,
“External ports”: This port is corresponding to the access requirement of outside network
“Internal Port”: port for this equipment
“Service agreement” selects “ALL”
“IP address”: LAN IP address of the camera.

If your router supports UPNP function, you can also use UPNP port mapping automatically.
UPNP stands for universal plug and play, if you started UPNP, once the IP camera was connected into the LAN, it will communicate with the router of the LAN.
It will request the router to open a port to forward its own port. User doesn’t need to log in the router to set the port forwarding.

users in the use of the function, need to confirm a router also is enabled UPNP; Because many router model, not necessarily can very good support UPNP, testing and supporting the router is very good with, or suggest not start the function. At present test and TP-LINK router cooperate good.