CamHipro for pc
CamHi for PC

camhi and camhi pro for pc

camhi and camhi pro computer software - hip2p

Support windows xp, windows7/8/10 system, mac computer

camhi for pc


Search for cameras on the LAN


Other settings

【Connect timeout】Connection timeout 5‐60 seconds can be set 【Log retention time】It  has  a  month,  two  months,  three  months,  six  months four options, the CMS logs

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Log type: 【All logs】 Record all information of system 【System log】 Record the user login, exit, and user configuration, etc 【Operation log】 Record all operation

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User management

The factory default    administrator user of the device is admin, password is admin or empty.  After  log  in  by  administrator,  he  can  add  user,  delete 

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Local playback

playback by time searching when recording playback finished, click it continue to play. stop playing button, when play recording, click it to stop playing. Frame

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Record management

plan of record In the tab bar to choose “setting”– “record management”—“Enable the plan of record”, as shown in above: SUN – SAT means one

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