CMS detailed instruction

login and instruction

【Log in】 When log in, the default user name is admin and password is empty , click “OK”to enter into CMS Main interface.

【Exit】 Only the users with admin permissions can exit from CMS, user and guest can not exit from CMS.

When exit from CMS, you need to input the admin permissions’s user name and password.

software interface instruction

The software interface as shown in above, mainly divided to 6 sections:

       1: System button bar      2: tab bar        3: device list

      4: real time preview      5: PTZ control    6: Alarm info list

System button list

Help button, click it to open CMS instruction 

Hidden button, click it then software hide into system tray 

Maximize button, click it then software cover entire screen 

Exit button, click it then software pop up Exit reminder

Tab bar

Logo information Logo information

click it then switch to image preview interface

click it then switch to recording playback interface

click it then switch to setting interface

  click it then switch to logo operation interface

logout user and switch user

click it then exit CMS

Device   List:

【  List mode   】    According  to  user  configuration  listing  level  to  show  area,setting,and channel 

Current screen 】 show current connected device on screen, only shows in list  mode

Real   time   preview

electronic zoom button, click it and use mouse to draw a area on the screen,    then area magnification can be realized

Voice  talk  back  button,  choose  the  window  need  to  open  talk  back,  then click  talk  back  button,   window  status  bar  will  show  ,  talk  back  can  be  realized, only can open talk back of one device at the same time.

voice  monitoring  button,  click  it  to  open  voice  monitoring,  window  status ,click  it  again  to  close  bar  will  show  voice  monitoring,  it  can  open  voice monitoring of multiple devices at the same time.

 recording  button,  choose  the  window  need  to  recording,  click  recording button to open recording manually, window status bar will show  ,click  it again to close recording manually.

picture  capture  button,  choose  the  window  need  to  capture  picture,  click capture  button  to  realize  picture  capture,  if  click  capture  button continuously, 1 second can capture 2 pictures at most.

Multi-image choosing button, click it to choose multi-image display,  1,4,6,8,9,16 image options.

Full screen display button, click it then real-time preview area will be full screen displaying.

Alarm message list shrink or extend button, click it that alarm message list shrink, click again then alarm message list extend.

Device management

Add device

Before using the CMS, you need to add device and configuration.

Click “setting” button in tab bar, enter into device management page.

【Add list list】

When run software initially, default list tree is empty. Click “add area”button, pop‐up “add area”dialog box. After filling in name in area name column, click ok to add a area in list tree. Because of the added area is the first area, so this area do not exist belongs area, the area is empty.

Note: List tree can add Max 128 areas at present.

Add area into device tree

Modify the name of selected area

Delete the selected area

Add device manually, click it to pop up dialog box of add device

click it, then pop‐up dialog box of editing device

Delete the selected device

add the searched devices to selected area

click it to search the devices in LAN

choose all devices in searching list

Add area

Add device

search to add device in LAN

Clicking search button, the CMS will search out all devices in LAN,then select the device needed to add in search list, and select area, click button to add device, thus you can add selected device to this area.

add device manually

Click  add button button , it will pop-up below dialog box of add device, as shown in below:

【UID】   UID of the device, each device has different UID  

【Name】  name  of  the  device,  it  is  user‐defined.  Max  15  Chinese  characters. (Note: After Enter name,the device tree in preview window only display device name, don’t display device IP Address. )

【Password】  login password of the device, default is admin

【Area】  displaying area of the device

After filling in all required information, click OK to finish device adding.

image preview

After configured device, clicking “preview”button in Tab bar,then back to main interface of monitoring, the default display way of device tree is list tree. You can switch displaying group and list information by clicking “group” and “list” in device tree. The default display images is 4 image segmentation, support Max 36 pictures.

When maximum image segmentation, it has 16/25/36 image mode optional. The higher the picture, the performance of host also need to be promoted. If 25 or 36 images displaying, we suggest use more than i3 CPU and independent video card.

display image instruction:

:It indicates this channel do not connect any device. If connected, OSD information will be displayed on device.

talkback stutus,when the icon becomes , it means this channel is talkback, otherwise the channel do not open talkback.

:Listening  status,  when  the  icon  becomes   it  means  this  channel  is listening, other ise it does not open listening.

:status,  when  the  icon  becomes , it  means  it  is  recording,  otherwise without record.

In list mode, please double click device UID or name, or drag UID to windows directly, then it can display image.

After device connected, it will show  a blue triangle ,   on UID or name; if shows   , means device do not connnect. If shows  

means it will have alarm. .

Right‐click any area, it will pop‐up the picture as shown on the below :

connected all】  Connect devices in selected area

start manual record of area】  Open manual record in selected area

stop manual record of area】  stop manual record in selected area

quality】Max、Middle and Min

Auto adjust all】the device adjust image display ratio automatically in select area

Full display all】   the device display images in select area as the size of segmentation picture

PTZ control

PTZ control

You can control PTZ of eight directions rotation by direction key, and choose PTZ rotate speed by drag slider, “-”means PTZ rotate speed slow down, “+”means PTZ rotate speed up.

   Iris ehlarge button, need the lens of camera support

    Iris shrink button, need the lens of camera support

    Zoom in button, need the lens of camera support

   Zoom out button, need the lens of camera support

    Focus in button, need the lens of camera support

    Focus out button, need the lens of camera support

preset setting

The CMS can support Max 256 preset. Please refer to the preset quantity instruction  that  camera  supported  of  how  many  preset  can  be  used  in  the concrete.

Preset setting】  Choose  the  window  that  need  to  set  preset,  then  select preset number, click “preset” button, preset point set successfully.

call preset】 Choose the window that need to  call preset, then select the preset number, click “call” button, before select call you must set preset firstly.

delete preset】 Choose the window that need to delete preset, then select the preset, click “delete”button, thus preset deleted successfully.


  • I have an IPCAM but do not understand why it will not connect to the software to see on my PC. I have downloaded the software but I only get the message “setting failure” when I am in the WiFi dialogue box. The camera works good on my cell phone, but not on my PC. I have successfully added a new device, but that is as far as I can get. I’m entering the SSID on the same network. Can you offer some suggestions?

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