Function description of live broadcast interface

Ordinary camera interface

The ordinary camera monitoring interface is displayed in the small screen mode by default. The function selection button is displayed at the bottom of the screen. More function keys can be called to slide to the left in the blank space. The function description of the buttons is shown in the figure below.

Note: Some functions require device support

PTZ function:

For devices with PTZ function, use your finger to swipe the live video, the camera will rotate according to the direction of the finger.

Exit the live interface:

Press the blank space and pull down on the small screen interface or click the back button to exit the live interface.

Panoramic camera interface

The panoramic camera will have different live broadcast interfaces depending on the model. It subjects to the connected model. The key function description as following:

Exit the live interface:

Press the back button to exit the live interface

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    I do not get the window With Panoramic camera interface.
    I use Androed 10.

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