Function settings

When the camera is online, click the camera list interface or the live interface icon to enter the camera parameter setting interface.

Basic settings

Wifi settings

Display the WIFI network connected to the current device

Click to get the wireless network around the device, the device will search for the WIFI network in the current environment automatically; select the password to configure the WIFI of the current device.

Change password

The access password of the camera can be modified. When ticking display password, the password will be visible.

Alarm settings  

Alarm management and notification

  • Alarm push

Select On to indicate that a push message will be sent to the phone when alarming.

  • Device alarm

1.Motion detection alarm

Select On to indicate that the device has enabled motion detection. Clicking adjust motion detection, it can draw motion detection area and adjust motion detection sensitivity (This function is suitable for some models.)

2.Sound alarm

Select On to indicate that the device with microphone function. When the surrounding sound is greater than the intensity of the device check sound, trigger an alarm, click to adjust the sound alarm, you can adjust the sound alarm sensitivity

Alarm Linkage

  • Alarm capture to SD card

Select On to indicate that the alarm capture picture is saved to the SD card.

  • Alarm recording to SD Card

Select On to indicate that the alarm recording file is saved to the SD card.

  • When the alarm is triggered, the device issues a siren

Select on to indicate that when alarming the camera will sound an alarm. Siren type and the duration of the siren is optional

Email alarm linkage

Select On to indicate that the device will trigger the alarm and send a picture to the mailbox. Click Configure Email to set the mailbox information.

Send an email to the QQ mailbox as an example:

Smtp server:

Port: 465

Secure connection: SSL

Username: QQ number of the outbox

Password: Authorization code of the outbox QQ mailbox

Receiving address: the mailbox that receives the alarm picture

Sender address: sender email address, here is the QQ mailbox as an example, you need to fill in the QQ email address (consistent with the user name). Subjects and content can be filled in casually. After filling out, click the Apply button, then click the Test button to check if you can send an alarm email.

FTP alarm linkage

1.Alarm recording is saved to FTP

Select On to indicate that the alarm recording file is saved to FTP.

2.alarm capture saved to FTP

Select On to indicate that the alarm capture image is saved to FTP.

Click Configure FTP to set FTP information.

Server address: Fill in the erected FTP address

Port: Fill in the FTP port

Username and password: Fill in the username and password set in FTP

After filling in, click the Apply button, then click the Test button to check if you can send an alarm picture to FTP.

Picture capture number setting

You can set the number of alarm capture pictures, 1-3 sheets are optional

This function is suitable for some models.

Audio/Video management

Video settings

  • Code rate

Can customize device’s code rate of first code stream and second code stream

  • Frame rate

Can customize device’s frame rate of first code stream and second code stream

  • Code level

1-6 can be set, the smaller the value, the better the image level, the larger the code stream

  • Video system

50Hz and 60Hz optional

Video settings

Audio settings

  • Input volume

Adjust the input volume of the device

  • Output volume

Adjust the output volume of the device

SD Card recording and capacity

SD Card plan recording

  • Whether to enable recording

Select on, the device will save the recording to SD card

  • Recording file time

Can adjust the length of each recording file manually.

  • Recording time period

1.Simple settings

Select Simple settings, the recording time period defaults to Monday-Sunday full-day recording.

2.Advanced settings

Select advanced settings to customize the time period for each day of recording manually

Enter the advanced settings interface, click the quick edit button, select the time period to be recorded, you can customize the recording time period; edit it, clicking the Finish button to save the settings.

SD Card settings

Can view the total space and free space of the device SD card, can format SD card

System settings

Device time settings

1、Synchronize device time to phone time

2、The device time zone can be set. After the time zone is set successfully, the device will restart automatically.

Initial settings

  • Restart the device

The camera will restart after clicking

  • Restore factory settings

The camera will reset after clicking

Device information

Can get the device information of the camera: including device name, device type, Network type, number of user connections, software version, IP address, Subnet mask, gateway, DNS, etc.

Check for updates:

After clicking, the camera will check the firmware version automatically. If there is a new version, it will prompt for updates, click to upgrade online

(This function is suitable for some models)


  • The video settings are locked and cannot be changed. I have rebooted and reset. I should be able to change them.

  • I can not get the Windows version P2P Client-v6.4.9.0 to connect to my WiFi. It connected prior to having to update the firmware on my Boavision camera. Now all I get is a pop up message “Search wifi failure!” even when trying to manually enter all the information. My Android version still works fine but my PC windows does not

  • Since last app update all I get is ‘Wrong Password’ and this can’t be fixed!

    • Updating the app will not change your camera password, it is recommended to reset the camera and add it again.

  • Can the camera record over old files when sd card is full automatically? I.e once the camera has filled up the sd card, can it start recording again from the start without manually formatting the card. Also how many hours or minutes will a 128gb card record? In 1080

  • can only choose video recording length under plan recording, but all alarm recordings are 15 seconds which is not enough to see what the person was doing etx, theres no way to change this

    • Alarm recording Currently there is no way to set the length of the recording, the default 15 seconds

    • Click on the microphone icon to activate it.
      Not all cameras support two way audio, please consult your camera seller for details

  • I need to change my password, but have lost the current password. How can I retrieve the current password?


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