camhi pro app


The camera supports both camhi and camhipro app

The app Camhi Pro is a tool for managing ip cameras. It can be used to monitor the image of the ip camera on the LAN and the Internet. The APP supports LAN search to add ID number and manually input camera ID number, support sound wave, AP configuration WIFI, device add, delete and edit functions, support audio monitoring and intercom, support capture images to mobile phone, support image quality level setting, support remote Download video files and other functions.

camhi app


CamHi is a kind of network camera viewing software

How to add CamHi camera to Ispy

1, RTSP to add 1、main stream:rtsp://ip address/112、vice stream:rtsp://ip address/12Find “FFMPEG (H264)” this column, fill in information of RTSP in the URL.After adding can test is

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Other functions

Camera list display mode Click the camera list interface icon  to select the camera list in large or small image mode. Sidebar settings Click the

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Function settings

When the camera is online, click the camera list interface or the live interface icon to enter the camera parameter setting interface. Basic settings Wifi

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