How to add CamHi camera to Ispy

1, RTSP to add

1、main stream:rtsp://ip address/11
2、vice stream:rtsp://ip address/12
Find “FFMPEG (H264)” this column, fill in information of RTSP in the URL.After adding can test is successful

Go to “Camera” option.

Input your camera ip address, User name and Password, click “Finish”, add camera succeed.

One Comment

  • Hello,

    is any way to add the 4G camera, to any RTSP remotely (via IP of SIM card) and not only via IP of the Camera WIFI network?

    Also one question i want to make, is this: a 4G PTZ Camera is streaming video to every device individually ( i mean to each mobile client who has installed the app and is connected to camera) or the streaming is done via a Cloud Service like AWS etc.. ?
    What i want to tell you is if 10 users are connected to the camera that means that camera will stream data for each one of the 10 users or just once to the Cloud Service and after that each user (client app like CamHiPro) will receive the stream via the cloud service?

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