Local playback

playback by time searching

when recording playback finished, click it continue to play.

stop playing button, when play recording, click it to stop playing.

Frame button, when play recording, click it to single frame play, click one time, it play one frame image.

Image  capture  button,  choose  play  window,  click  it  to  capture  images  to disk.

Electronic  zoom  in  button,  select  the  button  in  the  process  of  play recording , then draw the magnified image region in the window.

Full  screen  button,  choose  this  button,  the  window  area  will  display  on full  screen,  if  need  to  display  a  single  window  on  full  screen,  double  click  the window.

When  playback  record,  please  select  play  speed  through  drop‐down box, default is normal speed.  

Voice  button,  you  can  choose  whether  open  voice  during  playing  record, default is closed.

【record playback retrieval】                                    

Step 1: choose the  Record file format and search time

Step 2: select the windows that need to playback,   and select channel in list tree.

Step 3: If there has files match the condition in time scope,   it will display on timeline panel.

Step 4: double-click the device channel to playback record.

playback by searching file

Step 1: Choose the record file format and device channel

Step 2: Select the search time and click “search”button, the  system will display the eligible record file in the device tree.

Step 3: Select playback window and double click record  file to playback record.

File playback support the same record file playback in  four windows at the same time.