Other functions

Camera list display mode

Click the camera list interface icon  to select the camera list in large or small image mode.

Sidebar settings

Click the camera list interface button, or swipe the screen to the right in the camera list interface to enter the APP sidebar. The APP name is displayed on the sidebar. the below displays APP version.

  • Local file

Click Local File to enter the local file interface. This interface displays all the local videos and pictures saved by this camera on this phone. Click on the file to playback the video file or view the local picture. Click the Edit button to delete the file.

  • More

Click the More button to check whether the APP has obtained the notification permission of the mobile phone. If the display is not enabled, the APP cannot send the alarm push message. Clicking enabled, you can jump to the setting interface to open the notification permission.


  • My CamHiPro app stopped working on Apple Store. It doesn’t allow international mobile number registration. Now I cannot access all my IP camera after recent CamHiPro application upgrade. I need a fix asap.

  • Good Day! Maybe you can help me. This camera was stolen by thief and they are using it right now. But they have changed Login and Password. Can I locate it or take a view of it in CamHi with only camera’s serial number?

    • Hi, if you don’t know the username or password, you can’t watch it.

  • Hi
    I can set the preset which works well, but when i close the app down and reopen it the preset has dissapeared,any ideas

  • How do I connect 2 cameras (both JideTech) at 2 different locations each with a different internet connection (one in Alabama and one in Florida) using the same Camhipro APP?

    • First method:
      Click ‘+’ > ‘IP camera’ > ‘Device in use’ > then enter the camera’s UID and password to add the camera.

      The second method:
      Go to the camera settings and click on the ‘Share icon’ in the upper right corner.
      A QR code will appear, then open the app with a second phone, click ‘+’ > ‘Add a sharing device’ and scan the QR code to add the camera.

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