Other settings

Other settings

Connect timeout】Connection timeout 5‐60 seconds can be set

Log retention time】It  has  a  month,  two  months,  three  months,  six  months four options, the CMS logs in the set period of time can not be deleted.

Capture format】It refers to the CMS captured image format, capture format:JPG and BMP available

Image capture path】  It refers to the CMS capture save path

Booting   the   system automatically   run   program】When  start  Windows,  it uploads monitoring software automatically. If you don’t choose, it doesn’t start.

Single screen number】)It  can  set  maximum  number  of  single  screen:  16 pictures, 25 pictures, 36 pictures (need t estart the software to work)

Display   mode】Drect  Draw  means  graphic  rendering,  Drect  3D  means  3D rendering.

Password】  You can set the default password when added device.

Save】Modify the parameters, then click “save” button, thus can take effect

Export  parameters 】   Export  all  set  parameters  from  CMS  (backup  all configuration parameters)

Import parameters】import all exported setting parameters to another CMS, restore all configuration parameters (the version of two CMS must keep the same,otherwise it may occur exception.)

Rebuild video index】Delete the video database index file, rebuild video database index file.  


  • Hi after turning the pc off and on again the screen showing no video and I need to double click again on each camera to regain image any help to solve this issue?

    • You can double-click on the area and all cameras in the area will be connected automatically.

  • These cameras are very good. However, the PC software is the worst most difficult software I have ever used. Also good luck getting support from this company. I think even the support people at this company have no idea what they are doing as well. Understandable technical support is very hard to comprehend from these people for they only use e-mail to communicate. You will never be able to talk or chat with this companies technical support. Their support is by email only. Understanding their response is terrible. Good luck with that.

  • На какую электронную почту, вам отправить фото ОШИБКИ при установки на Windows 7?

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