Record management

plan of record

plan of record

In the tab bar to choose “setting”– “record management”—“Enable the plan of record”, as shown in above:

SUN – SAT means one week,based on the count of day ; 0 – 23 means one day, based on the unit of half an hour.

Enable the plan of record】  Choose channel, then click the left mouse to drag a green  blocks  in the  schedule,  as  shown  in  above;  green  area is the  time  bucket  that  enabled  plan  of  record.  After  setting  time bucket, click save.

Close the plan of record】 Cancel the tick in enable plan of record, click save; or cancel  green  block  in  schedule  and  click  save.  The  method  of cancel green block: only need to click left mouse and drag mouse, the green block can be cancelled.

Note: If the plan of record time for all devices are the same,you only need to one device,then click copy and save,then all devices enabled plan of record.

General record length】  The default record   length is 5 minutes in system setting for a single   recording file. The file can set 1‐30minutes. Please   refer to the picture in the right, modify length in   general record length, and save it.

Remaining disks recycling space】  The  scope  is  1G‐50G  optional,  when disk space is less than set range, it will skip to another disk or delete earliest record file(default recycling is 10GB)

Record format】  264 and AVI record formats. If record format is 264, you must use manufacturer’s player to playback record.

No hard disk space coverage】 Select “Yes”, when all disk space is less than the set of disk space, it will delete the earliest record. Select “No”, when all space is less than the set of disk space , it will stop recording.

Record    path】After  installed  CMS,  CMS  will  test  the  hard  disk  in  device automatically, and display in the list, default to D disk.

Note:  The  CMS can   support    Max  24  drives,   namely   memory    storage   can connect Max 24 hard disk.

manual record

Firstly select window, then click button or right-click window to choose recording. Please check plan of record to see record length and path setting.