The difference between camhi and camhipro

The camera can use camhi and camhipro app at the same time, camhipro’s interface design is more modern, except for the interface there is no other difference, the functions are the same


  • I have 6 cameras on the camhi app. It looks like the new camera I just got only runs on camhi pro.
    If I download the camhi pro app, will my 6 existing cameras work on that app?

    • Yes, you can.
      Cameras can be used with both camhi and camhipro.
      If it doesn’t work, then maybe the manufacturer has made some restrictions, we suggest asking your camera seller

  • i have a camhi how do i delete the pictures on my phone on the camhi camera app they say online

    • how do i delete the pictures on the online part of the camhi camera app on my phone?

  • Hi, I can’t login my new Cam because there is no field to enter the username.
    Is this a bug?

  • Hi, it looks like the notification pushing doesn’t work anymore on iPhone since the latest iOS 15 update. CAmHi and CAmHiPro. It is a known bug ? Have you planned to correct it soon ? And thanks for your tremendous app 🙂


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