User management

The factory default    administrator user of the device is admin, password is admin or empty.  After  log  in  by  administrator,  he  can  add  user,  delete  user  and  set  user

permission. User permission has three types: admin, user, guest.

Admin permission: can undertake device management, user management, video surveillance, record playback, map Settings, log query, switch users and exit from the client;

User permission: can undertake video surveillance, video playback, map Settings, log view, switch users and modify password.

Guest permission: can undertake video surveillance, switch user and modify password.

Add user

Step 1: After log in by admin permission, select “Settings” in the TAB bar ‐‐ “user management”

Step  2:  Click  “add”  button,  enter  the  user  name,  password  and  select  user permission

Step 3: Click “save” button, the user added successfully

delete user

Step 1: After log in by admin permission, select “Settings” in the TAB bar ‐‐ “user management”

Step 2: Choose to delete the user, and click “delete” button

modify user permissions

Step 1: After log in by admin permission, select “Settings” in the TAB bar ‐‐ “user management”

Step 2: Select the user and click “edit” button

Step 3: Select the user permission and click “save” button


  • Hi there, I just installed the app and upon launch it asks me for the default admin password, I hit enter and it doesn’t let me through. I close and reopen the app and continue to try, but no luck. Eventually it let me add one of the cameras but continues to come up with the default admin password which is either not empty, or it is broken. Is there a workaround or something else I can try? Thanks!

  • I never added a user name and password. It was letting me see the camera for about 3 months. Now it says incorrect password. All I can see when I open is add four screen grouping or i can see local files. I dont know how to get in to change settings

    • It is recommended to reset the camera and add it again.
      After adding a camera, it is recommended to set a copied password.

  • Hi it won’t let me onto my camera, because of the “wrong password” yet there is nowhere to reset one?

  • I have a new mobile phone but can’t set up the camera, the username and password don’t work. Not admin, not blank. I have added the camera again and the default password doesn’t work

  • Hello,
    We a tech company who want to use the CamHI p2p cameras to build a web survillance platform for RTSP streaming with dynamic IP. Wondering if there is any SDK/API to obtain the the camera IP address from the CamHi Server ?


  • My 4G camera will not come on line. I have tried factory reset but it still shows “offline”. I have replaced SIM card, inspected antenna, changed location to another mast, I am supposing the modem has failed, can I get a replacement modem?

  • Hi,
    I installed the camera and using it through Iphone and mac,
    On Iphone , when I am connected to camera , not able to add any other user and give permissions, so I installed client version on my mac.

    After installing , it detected the camera and automatically added to region , howver showing wrong password. Then I clicked on admin link ( wheel sign) and try to login as admin with blank password , it didn’t work, then I tried with all types of combination of password and still showing wrong password.

    then I read and reset the camera and getting the same message on mac client.
    also re-install again and same behavior.
    please suggest as I need to add my family members as users for the camera.

  • I want to add my camera to a new ipad but do not remember my user id. How can I change it?

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