Video/Image search and view

Local recording playback and download

Find the camera to be viewed in the camera list interface, click the icon, select the recording page, the recording file will be displayed, you can sort according to the size and length of the video file, click the button, you can save the video file to the mobile phone album. Click the edit button, it can delete the selected video file.

View local snapshot images

Click on the image page in the local file interface, the local snapshot images will be displayed, the images will be sorted according to the capture time, click the preview thumbnail to view the image, click the button, you can delete or save the image to the album.

Remote video playback and download

Remote video playback

Click the button “camera list interface” to enter the remote recording list interface. The APP searches for the last 6 hours of video files by default. You can customize the sorting according to the recording time, click the video file, and then click play to playback the video files in the SD card of the device.

Remote video download

Click on the video file in the recording list interface, and then click Download, the video file will be downloaded automatically. The downloaded video file will be saved in the local recording interface. After the video download is completed, you can click to continue downloading, continue to download other video files, or click view, will jump to the local recording interface automatically.

Remote video search

Click the button on the recording list interface, the search option appears, you can select the recording search range as needed.

Search time range is optional


  • Hello,
    On the camhi app for iOS I cannot find the images (videos do appear under “Videos”) taken after an alarm.
    I can find those images on the SD-card online over the edge browser.
    They are not visible under “images” on the iOS Canhi app
    Snapshots are visible (why only those?) and they do appear in the iOS app (but not the pictures taken during an alarm)
    This isi probably a bug which can be easily corrected.

  • Searching for a date range is suddenly not working. I was always able to go back and search videos from the previous day or week. Not anymore. There is a glitch in the software. Please fix it!

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